Saturday, February 27, 2010

About Town

I had lots of errands to get done today. I needed to go to lowes, publix, and the mall to buy my clinique face wash. I didn't spend enough money to get the gift-with-purchase. bummer. However, I did score an amazing skirt for $4 and a plaid shirt for $4 at Dillards.

This look didn't come easily to me. It was a quite a lot of trial and error, which left a large mess on my bed. I knew I wanted to wear my corduroy shorts with tights and my favorite jean jacket. I just wasn't sure how to bring it all together. What do you think?
I adore this ballerina necklace. A constant reminder to strive for poise. I almost gave these shorts to goodwill. I've had them for years and never wore them. I didn't like the shape with my bare legs. That's why they have now become winter shorts worn with tights. In keeping with "shopping in my own closet", I am trying to rethink many items I already own. I'm glad I gave these shorts a second chance. I know I wear these boots all the time, but they're the only boots I own!
This headband reminds me of an 80's bridesmaid dress. I love it though, but I might be biased because I made it.
headband: handmade my me
necklace: forever21
jean jacket: thrifted gap
gray cami: old navy
shorts:old navy
scarf: old navy (lots of old navy today!)
tights: wal-mart


  1. Such a gorgeous scarf. Love the look!

  2. Love the cord shorts! Shorts and tights is one of thee best combos.


  3. love the colours, so pretty together! thanks for your comment! xxx

  4. so cute! love the shorts and scarf...epic.

  5. Can I just say that Dillards has some of the best sales ever? Half of my shoes are from that magical place! All of these colors are fantastic.

  6. I have those boots in red from amiclubwear and I love them. They're so cheap that I could almost justify buying them in a few other colors top complete my wardrobe. Love them in gray.